Wanna Date?

The world of food forever defies expectations. Just when you think you’ve been around the block enough times to know where the cuisines are, you find another one that pops up with combination that excites the taste buds. A NYTimes recipe called Barka Shrimp from Eritrea, combining dates, coconut, shrimp and tomato caught my eye and […]

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Color My Plate

We’re into a cold March in Chicago now and between dressing warm layers, the shades of grey skies and dirty snow, we’re craving a pop of color on our plates (at least). If we can’t find color in nature, outside, for the time being, we’re finding the eye candy we need in layers of exciting […]

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Venerdì Santo Meet Passover

As often happens at our house, Italian Catholic traditions and Jewish traditions intersect. This year we are having a Good Friday (in Italian “Venerdi Santo”) and Passover overlap on April 3, 2015. Liberating ourselves from the slavery of the traditional Passover meal, we are this year attempting to connect Italian Catholic/Jewish holiday traditions and see where […]

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Winter White

There’s nothing sweet about Winter (as we freeze today in sub zero weather) however, some of our most luscious Entertaining Company events have taken place in Winter. We find that there’s something so wonderfully Wintery about an elegant white dessert buffet whether at a wedding or at a residential event. There are so many ways to style […]

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LuRu Home-1

Small is the New Luxury

It used to be that “incubator” meant a place where little chicks were hatched. Now, it means a place where product “makers” and their fledgling innovative businesses are nurtured with manageable rents and education on business basics like marketing, regulatory compliance, and bank loans as well as links to strategic partner and access to investors. […]

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Entertaining Company’s Website Refresh 2015

As caterers we are in the business of refreshing on a daily basis…refreshing drinks, refreshing the buffet, refreshing our menu ideas. About every two years we need to refresh our company website and that’s exactly what we did..we relaunched and voila, we feel great! We hope you will visit us there and let us know what […]

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Corporate Shout Out

Every party tells a story and we love a corporate event where catering, tabletop, lighting, graphics and venue all come together seamlessly to shout out the corporate story. Here are some favorite pictures from a recent corporate event Entertaining Company catered at Morgan Manufacturing. Transportation Solutions Group Chicago recently rebranded to “Redwood” and wanted to […]

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